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Angel Appliances offers a conveniently located, film-friendly setting for the filming of your next movie or TV shoot. Large property with easy access to local parking lots for base camp and crew parking. Contact us for more photos or to arrange an appointment to see the property.

  • Test

Perfect for:

  • Appliance Graveyard scene
  • Junkyard scene (non-automotive)
  • Salvage Yard scene
  • Alley scene


  • Commercial 1/2 acre, measuring 78' wide and 285 ft. deep. Approximately 2/3 of the property is outdoors and available for rental
  • The property is paved, with some areas messy and overgrown with weeds
  • Currently used partially as parking lot for staff and partially as storage for an extensive number of appliances from various eras
  • One large storage unit on the property

Convenient location:

  • 8545 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 1-1/2 blocks north of Roscoe Bl., Sepulveda (North Hills), California, in the middle of the San Fernando Valley
  • Less than 5 minutes from Roscoe Blvd. exit off the 405 Freeway
  • Convenient to 118, 5, 170 and 101 Freeways
  • Within 1/2 a block of the following businesses that often offer their locations to the entertainment industry for filming, parking, and/or base camp: Travel Inn, Kountry Folks, Valley Ball, and Ram Tire
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